Recreation activities in Heron Island

Situated near the tropic of Capricorn, north east Queensland in the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island is a natural beauty. It is famous among the thousands of visitors who stream in yearly due to its ease of access. You do not have to get any special charters and boats in order to experience incredible view of the island. It is famed for its grace, serenity and beauty.

You will certainly fall in love with the breathtaking and enormous coral gardens that outlines the coast, the beautiful sea creatures and colorful waves striking against the coast. Besides its renowned beauty, Heron Island is packed with recreational activities that will keep you fully engaged. They include:

Snorkelling and diving

Heron Island is known for its amazing Great Reef dive sites, pinnacles and the coral gardens. So good are the diving sites that Jacques Cousteau, one of the most famous undersea explorer in the world listed it as one of the 10 best dive sites.

There are over 20 dive sites to explore most of which are minutes away from the jetty.

The waters in Heron Island are packed with manta rays, turtles, reef shark, reef fish and countless variety of marine invertebrates. About 72 per cent of the coral species and 50 per cent of the fish species are found in the waters around Heron Island.

This Island caters for all marine enthusiasts from scuba divers, snorkelers, wind surfers, wake boarders, fishers and even swimmers. The waters around the island is quite shallow with a depth of about 25 meter meaning that novice swimmers can easily drift over the shallow reefs near the shore.

Something for the bird lovers

Heron Island is well known for its birdlife, in fact, its name is derived from a bird. It is one of the best place to explore a wide variety of bird species. The Queensland National park and the wildlife service gives visitors a brochure that contains information on all birds in the island. While here, you will get to see the thousands of birds that migrate each season for nesting.

Something for animal lovers

If you are an animal lover, Heron Island is a perfect destination to explore the amazing creatures such as smaller fish, loggerhead turtles, reef sharks and smaller fish.

Also, during the winter, you get to see the hundreds of whales that pass through the Island as they travel between coral cay and Wistari reef, a view that will remain in your memories for a long time.

Something for nature lovers

If you love nature, Heron Island is a perfect place to visit. You can sunbathe or relax on the private beaches which are calm, quiet and blessed with natural treasures and crystal clear water. Besides private beach picnics, Heron Island also offers coral reef walks and semi submersible cruises.

Kids’ activities

While in the island, you do not have to worry about your kids as there are so many activities that will keep them engaged. You can drop them at the junior rangers, a great kids club where they will learn a sense of exploration in an educational and fun way.

Casino in Heron Island

After a long fun filled day at the island, you can unwind in any of the great casinos in the Island such as the Great Blue Heron Charity Casino. Here you can enjoy a thrilling mix of table games including the favorites such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat among others.

For slot machine lovers, the casinos also feature new and popular machines where you can spin the reels of hundreds of slots. Heron Island is designed in such a way that it blends building and nature. A vacation here will relieve you from any stress and worries and fill your day with adventure and enjoyment within a peaceful environment.